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Paradoxically, when surveyed, fewer users answered “yes” to the question of whether they preferred to date someone of their own race.So, while users exercised greater discretion in their stated preference, in practice their actions remained the same..When asked if they would like to see the person again, women were 33 percent less likely to respond affirmatively to Asian men than to members of other races.They were 60 percent less likely to respond positively to Asian men than members of their own race.Yet all ideological factions, in actual practice, demonstrated a similar proclivity for partners of the same race.

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The anonymity of online dating allows us to discriminate freely without the guilt associated with point-blank rejection.This multilateral web of discrimination is one reason for the balkanization of dating into factional—or “niche”—services.The role of media in shaping desire shouldn’t be overlooked.As cultural authorities, magazines and television help define the boundaries of human beauty.The appeal of certain features may stem from some biological imperative, but for the most part physical attractiveness is as manufactured as trends in fashion.

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